Labonno at a glance:

Full name: Laila Yasmin Labonno.
Born: July 06, 1996, Dhaka.
Introduction to music: To Panna Ahmed.
Education: Motijheel Model School, Motijheel Ideal College, East-West University (English).
Music Genre: Nazrul Geeti, Folk, Patriotic songs.
Favourite singers: Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin, Samina Chowdhury, Shuvomita, Adel.
Play-back: Aagni, Toke Hebbi Lagse, Aamar Prem Aamar Priyo, Kata.
Notable Achievements: Natun Kuri-2013 (top 3rd/Patriotic songs), National Shishu Shilpi -2016 winner, Channel-I Sera Kontho-2012 (top 10).

Like most of the popular singers, Labonno was also attracted to music in her childhood. Her full name is Laila Yasmin Labonno. She was born in the capital’s Mughdapara and raised in there. Her elder brother Linkon was a musician. A teacher used to teach her brother music at their home. Then she also used to practise music with them from another room. Thus she was attracted to music subconsciously.

Her mother Kamrunnahar Lipi observed her weakness to music. So, she assigned teacher Panna Ahmed to teach Labonno music at their home. She gradually learnt various types of music including Nazrul Geeti and Modern songs.

Labonno was admitted to Bulbul Lalitakola Academy when she was in school. Here, she learnt Nazrul Geeti very well. She came to light through Natun Kuri Music Competition in 2003. She became 3rd in patriotic song category in the competition and achieved 2nd position in Rhymes as well. Her group also won the top position in Shapla Kuri competition. Later, she became famous after being champion in The National Children Music Award-2006.

Along with study, music was only friend to Labonno. She was very fond of music as it was her passion. She also achieved the top 10 position in Channel-I Sera Kontho in 2012.

Labonno rendered her voice in several mixed albums. She is also a successful play back singer of Bangla films. She gave her voices in several films such as Aagni, Toke Hebbi Lagse, Aamar Prem Aamar Priyo etc.

Labonno wishes to establish herself as an ideal singer and a good person as well.

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